Thursday, June 9, 2011

NBA Needs an Image Makeover

More than ever before or for that matter any other sports league the NBA is without question a “players” league, with owners and league executives along for the ride. Anyone who disagrees with that is fooling themselves. David stern and his owners have to regain control of their league. I’m a huge supporter of equal opportunity for all and if you allow the players to have full control over the league then the smaller market franchises such as Oklahoma City, Golden State, Utah and to a certain degree Detroit they’ll all be left for dead and parity will be absent from the NBA. We’ve seen the effective nature of a franchise tag in the NFL. While I will freely admit that the players will in all likelihood initially oppose the mere thought of that concept for the good of the game this is a move that must be made in order to reinstate the value of competitive balance back into the NBA.

The art of freedom of choice is always a notion I’m willing to accept and promote, by no means am I'm suggesting that owners deserve complete control over the product. Players deserve to have the ability to explore all of their options to and deserve the right to control their own careers. All I’m simply asking for is a fair and equal opportunity for all to succeed.

Summers such as the “Decision” in 2010 should only be seen in moderation and not excess. There has never been more of a discrepancy in NBA attendance numbers than now.

Yes the NBA playoff ratings are high but the state of the league is broken because the players have complete control and the theory of competitive equality has gone by the waste side. Players are what make the engine of any sports league run I get that and without them well you can fill in the blank here.

I’m not asking for a total overhaul of a player’s right to choose. However, what I am asking for is the reinstitution of competitive equality.

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